Financial Performance Yearly (F45) (Audited)(Update)
The date for the AGM of Shareholders for the year 2024 by E-AGM only and Omitted dividend payment
Management Discussion and Analysis Yearly 2023 Ending 31 Dec 2023
Financial Performance Yearly (F45) (Audited)
Financial Statement Yearly 2023 (Audited)
Clarification of Trading Alert List
List of securities which has triggered the Market Surveillance Measures
Trading Alert List Information
Announcement of the Company's Holiday for 2024
Approval to purchase the investment of Eternity At One Co., Ltd. from a connected person
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 3 Ending 30 Sep 2023
Financial Performance Quarter 3/2023 (F45) (Reviewed)
Financial Statement Quarter 3/2023 (Reviewed)
Shareholder's Proposal for Agenda and Candidate for Director prior to Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for Year 2024
Financial Performance Quarter 2/2023 (F45) (Reviewed) (Revised)
Appointment of Chief Accountant
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 2 Ending 30 Jun 2023
Financial Performance Quarter 2 (F45) (Reviewed)
Financial Statement Quarter 2/2023 (Reviewed)
Resignation of Chief Accountant