The Company’s has the policy to pay dividend at the rate of not less than 60 percent of net profit after legal and other reserves. However, its dividend payout may be changed subjected to necessity and other suitabilities upon the Board of Directors’ considerations. Additionally, the dividend payment has to be received the approval from the shareholders’ meeting except the case of an interim dividend. For the interim dividend, the Board of Directors has authority to approve after considering that the company has sufficient profits and cash flow to pay such dividend. Also, after the payment of interim dividend, it is required to notify the shareholders about such the payment in the next shareholders’ meeting.

Board Date X-Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend (per Share) Unit
23/02/22 - - No Dividend - -
27/02/21 - - No Dividend - -
27/02/20 - - No Dividend - -
28/02/19 - - No Dividend - -
27/02/18 14/03/18 24/05/18 Cash Dividend 0.0056 Baht
27/02/18 14/03/18 24/05/18 Stock Dividend 10 : 1 Share
09/05/17 22/05/17 06/06/17 Cash Dividend 0.04 Baht